Walking The Journey

The Seven Churches Project Authors, Project Managers:

John Wells, A.I.A. Emeritus, is a retired Architect having practiced in the State of South Carolina for nearly 38 years. He has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Kentucky (Minor in Theory and History of Architecture) and a Master of Architecture Degree from Clemson University in Health Care Facilities. With an ardent interest in Christian history along with a creative, artistic mind, the Seven Churches Project is a natural outgrowth of in depth research, character and plot development in order to generate entertaining fiction as well as factual accuracy.

Jerrilyn Wells is a retired public school teacher with over 34 years experience, primarily at the middle school level, but with significant time in both elementary and high school. She obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree With Distinction from the University of Kentucky and did graduate work at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Like the Biblical Timothy, Jerrilyn has been drawn to the Hebraic-Judaic basis of Scripture since childhood, giving her a desire to remain true to the fundamental roots of the Scripture as the Project has developed. Her motivational gift of teaching focuses her study of God’s Word, especially in finding His will and His ways.

John and Jerrilyn make a great team. Different in personality and motivation, they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. John researches history, geography, and politics out of which stories grow; Jerrilyn evaluates concepts, especially theology, edits and rewrites. When differences of opinion occur, resulting ideas always seem to lead to unusual circumstances, events, and unique characters.

This couple seeks to glorify His name in a way that is entertaining yet purposeful.